Vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence over the last several years. All over the world, music lovers are discovering (or re-discovering) the satisfaction of manually operating a turntable and playing record albums. In recognition of this, Como Audio offers the aptly named Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable.

Pair our belt-driven, matching turntable with one of our Como Audio music systems for a stunning visual and audible experience, and get the best of new and “retro” technology. Our multiroom feature allows you to group multiple Como Audio systems and play your records throughout your home.

If you’re looking to add a turntable to a Como or non-Como Audio system, the Como Audio Turntable gives you three connection options: Bluetooth, Moving Magnet Phono pre-amp, or Line output.

Whether you’re a newbie, a serious collector, or anywhere in between, take the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable for a spin and you’ll find it has the features and sound to satisfy.

Turntable, walnut, piano black, piano white…………………….cijena: 4500 kn (597,25 euro)