Solo + Ambiente bundle

Solo + Ambiente bundle

Ambiente was developed and engineered to work exclusively with Solo and mirror some of its design cues so they not only sound perfect together, but also look great together.

The ability to place the Ambiente speaker up to 12’ apart from the Solo provides an expansive soundstage, while the two separate wood enclosures result in better bass response. The connection of the Ambiente speaker doubles Solo’s Class D digital amplifier power to 60 watts total. The diminutive footprint of both models opens up more placement options. Whether this 2-piece system is used in a bedroom on separate nightstands, spread apart under a flat screen television, or as the primary stereo system, this package is sure to please in almost any capacity.

Connecting the two units could not be any easier, with just two steps to two channel sound…Nudge Solo’s rear panel switch into Stereo mode and plug Ambinete’s cable into Solo’s rear speaker output, and you have instant high fidelity stereo. See our “how to” video here

If you’re a discerning listener looking for the best Como Audio has to offer, look no further than the Solo + Ambiente bundle.

Solo + Ambiente bundle walnut, cijena………………………………………………5.020,00 kn (666,27 euro)


Solo + Ambiente bundle, piano black, piano white, hickory, cijena…….5.020,00 kn (666,27 €)