Amico+Amica bundle

Amico + Amica = ❤

Some of our best ideas come from our loyal customers, and that was the genesis for Amica. Purchase the Amico + Amica together for a true stereo hi-fidelity portable sound system. One listen and we think you’ll agree… Amica and Amico were literally made for each other.

Simply plug Amica’s audio cable into Amico’s right channel speaker output, select “ST” (stereo) mode using Amico’s rear audio switch, and experience instant stereo sound with no power cord or external power adapter necessary. The secret is Amico’s built-in stereo Class D digital amplifier that sends amplified audio through Amica’s audio cable, doubling the total output power from 30 to 60 watts RMS.

The 15’ (5.57 meters) audio cable means you can put a lot of distance between Amico and Amica, resulting in a broad soundstage that opens up your music as it was intended to be heard. Amica also uses the same drivers and voicing as Amico, insuring consistent sound from one channel to the other. Once Amica is setup, use Amico’s balance and tone controls in the EQ menu to adjust the balance and sound to suit your environment.

Amico bundle, cijena:…………………………….723,34 €……………akcija -35% = 470,00 €