Allegro dig.coax. 75 Ohma

Allegro S Digital
Allegro S Digital is a 75 ohm impedance screened cable designed for use between CD transports and digital to audio converters with RCA or BNC connectors. Available in 1 metre or 1.5 metre lengths, a choice of RCA to RCA or BNC to BNC termination.

It is particularly suited to upgrading systems where cable performance needs enhancing.

Allegro S is made using a screened 75 Ohm impedance cable fitted with high quality gold plated RCA or BNC connectors.

Allegro S is fitted with an additional braided metal screen to reduce radio frequency interference and enhance sound quality and covered in an attractive black braid that damps micro vibrations within the cable.

Please contact your local Black Rhodium dealer to purchase Allegro S.


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